lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Florence Welch Talks Crimson Coif with Marie Claire

She got a little too crazy on the previous evening out, so last night (May 20) Rihanna took it easy as she hung out in London, England.

She’s definitely her own person, and Florence + The Machine’s Florence Welch says she’s sold on having her trademark red locks for years to come.

The “Shake It Out” songstress told Marie Claire's June 2012 issue, “I’m a lifer now," adding, "I’ve tried going back to brown but I don’t recognize myself.”

Ms. Welch also explained why she favors high-end wardrobe choices for her everyday clothing rather than casual duds- “My face isn’t right for them.”

And she loves getting all gussied up for big name events- "I've got a teenager's sense of romanticism. Like, when you're 15 and you think, 'Oh, I could just die!’"

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