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Nick Jonas photo shoot for Hunger Magazine

Nick Jonas has been busy in Europe promoting his single and upcoming album. He recently sat down to chat with Hunger TV to talk about the end of the Jonas Brothers, beginning again as an artist and more. Check out some highlights below. 

He’s also returning as an actor: The shaved head and action hero physique are thanks to a new role in TV drama Kingdom that is based on the trials and tribulations of a cage-fighting family from Venice Beach .

Read the interview below:

Can you introduce us to the new record? Is this a new beginning for you as an artist?

It is a new beginning in a lot of ways.  For me this was like starting over and being a new artist again. It is incredibly liberating. This time I can really speak with my own voice and share my thoughts. It’s a little frightening at times as well. Any time you try and push yourself, you try and step out and do something different it comes with these challenges. But this new sound has been a really natural progression and something I feel like I’ve connected to in a big way.

How do you plan to overlap your acting career and your music career?

I want to be greedy, that’s my main thing. I got my training in theatre so that was doing both at the same time. In a perfect world I could do both, that would be ideal. It’s tough though, and I don’t know if a lot of people can do that, but it is possible, especially when the kinds of roles I want to take will help the overall mission. This show coming up is really intense and gritty but after that I want to do something else that surprises people, it’s all part of a greater plan in a way.

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