jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Katy Perry: Sheer Stylish in the City of Lights

Making a statement in the City of Lights, Katy Perry was spotted sporting a see-through dress while out and about in Paris, France today (March 1).

From under her blue coif, the “Hot N Cold” songstress peered out through her oversized sunglasses and walked to a nearby Paris Fashion Week event.

And coming up on March 13th, Katy’s Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection hits stores, with the single “Part of Me” doing well on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ms. Perry told press, "It feels like the record that never ends! Obviously I'm going to close this chapter soon. ... I am ready to make a new record and maybe try another approach artistically, and I will close the book on Teenage Dream soon, but [Complete Confection] just felt really organic. I'm doing it mostly for the hard-core fans, because they always love all the extras. And also, I couldn't put more than 12 songs on the original Teenage Dream, and I had written more songs ... and I finally wanted to incorporate them."

As for writing her next album, Katy shared, "It's a very therapeutic thing for me, songwriting. I'm kind of one of those people who is a bit emotion-less on the outside, especially in public, but what I do is I store it, and I file it, so when I need to write I can just push that button. I'm going to stick my finger out there and test the waters of what the world wants, or what I need to say ... but, I'm all ears. If people want me to do another pop record, I can do another pop record ... I definitely have a lot to say right now, and in general always have. If you want an opinion, I've got one, unfortunately."

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