martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Ashley Tisdale Shows Off Lavish L.A. Home

Giving a peek inside her lavish lifestyle, Ashley Tisdale opened her doors to The Coveteur revealing every nook and cranny of her Los Angeles, California home.

The 27-year-old dressed up in a Blu Moon dress for a quick photo shoot while showing off her stunning living arrangements and several walk-in closets packed with designer items from all over the world.

Highlights from Miss Tisdale's interview are as follows, for more be sure to visit The Coveteur!

On designing her home:
"My dad built my house from scratch, and I always knew BIG closets were a must—because I like to see everything. The pink ottoman is custom-made and I always knew I wanted the rooms to be white, so that the colour of the clothes and shoes would pop!"

On her purse collection:
"I love Louis Vuitton! The cool thing about each of my bags is that each one is from a different place. There is a story behind each one: usually it’s when I'm traveling for a job. I like the fact that each one is special and it’s not like I just go into the store and buy one when I want to; I wanted to have a story behind each one."

On using a Louis Vuitton trunk as a coffee table:
"This was the first piece of furniture I bought for my place. My mom had come up with the idea to turn it into a coffee-table and I loved it."

On her favorite jewelry accessory:
I love layering necklaces! I get most of my jewellery from Planet Blue—it’s my absolute favorite store!

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