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X Factor 2012: Times Red show their sexy abs and impress Tulisa with their ‘raw talent’

Just the other day we were commenting that we had yet to see a good band showcased on the X Factor but finally, tonight one group is finally going to come to the fore.

Times Red are a pretty sexy boyband and this evenign will be seen wowing Tulisa and guest judge Geri Halliwell with their performance of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab in Liverpool.

The group – consisting of model Staz, 20, Abercrombie & Fitch worker Scott, 25, dancer and DJ Luke, 24 – impressed the female judges before they even sang, with Contostavlos exclaiming:

“You in the middle, you look a bit like Richard Gere!”

The Geri weighed in, when she heard that Scott worked in Abercrombie and Fitch. She gushed:

“Hold on hold on, girls we are in for a treat because I know what they have to do in Abercrombie and Fitch. The guys have to take their top off don’t they, they stand there with no top on.”

The former Spice Girl watched with Glee and Scott lifted Staz’s top to show his abs and muttered:

Geri: I so love my job!

Finally the lads were allowed to sing and afterwards the panel had only good things to say.

Judge’s Comments:

Tulisa: Guys you have just got raw talent up there, you play guitar, you’ve got beatboxing going on, all of you can sing, good looking lads, what more could you want?

Louis: I think it was a good audition, the harmonies were very good, I see potential here definitely.

Geri: I really loved it and you are my favourite of what I’ve seen all day, I think it’s fantastic, brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Gary: Do you know what, like Geri said, I thought it was a great audition, well done. It was innovative, creative, musical, it’s just a shame you’re not all better looking really. It was great, I really, really enjoyed it, I love it when the beatboxing comes in, I think there’s something really special here.

Tune into the X Factor tonight to see if Times Red make it through to bootcamp. In the meantime, listen to the lads sing below and tell us if you think they’re good enough for the live shows….

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