martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Jade Ellis and Lucy Spraggan of Tulisa's X Factor team, are gay

Now that the awesome Jade Ellis and Lucy Spraggan have both made it into Tulisa's top 3 ready for the first of the X Factor live shows, the girls have been having a bit of a chat about what it was like to come out when they were younger.

Lucy's already spoken up about how good it feels to have inspired other young gay people to come out to their own parents but had a few things to say about her own experiences.

"I've always been out, I was never really 'in'," she told Look. "I made my family call me Max when I was four years old and shaved my head to look like a boy. "Saying I was gay was like saying I'm going to the shop, there was no shock. My grandad found out on Google recently and said: 'We've got loads of grandchildren, one of them was bound to be gay.' "

But with 6-year old daughter Cayden to look after, Jade wants to make sure that she is brought up to celebrate the differences between people. "I was about 18 [when I came out]," she said. "I've had very ignorant people shout out 'lesbian' in the street, but it's not a derogatory thing to me. I am a lesbian. I just have to teach my daughter that not everybody uses their
brain they were born with."

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