martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

David Beckham shows off his trademark bulge for H&M FALL/WINTER 2013

David Beckham stripped down to his underwear as he promoted his new Bodywear range for H&M.
Swedish retailer H&M released the following advertising campaign pictures of their bodywear line in collaboration with soccer player, mannequin, iconic and businessman David Beckham.

Proving that he's still got that trademark toned torso (and impressive bulge) the superstar adopts a number of sultry poses to promote the new Bodywear collection.

He explained in a new video for the brand: 'I think people-watching inspires me because you are able to sit in the street or walk down the street, and see people in different items and get ideas.
'From the things they have on, or the design, or the shape, and I think you can get ideas and inspiration from that.'

See the interview below

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