miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

Justin's Bieber "Believe" Movie: Red Carpet Live Stream

Tune in here at 9 p.m. EST to see Justin Bieber and pals arrive, and then check back later for loads of red carpet snaps. At the premiere for his first movie a few years back, everyone from Selena Gomez to the Jenner sisters were in attendance, and we're expecting the crowd to be every bit as star-studded this time around. But first, press play on the brand-new Believe trailer below.

Horarios para Latinoamerica y Europa:
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay 23:00 hrs
México, Costa Rica, Guatemala 20:00 hrs
Puerto Rico, Rep. Dom. 22:00 hrs
Perú, Colombia, Panamá 21:00 hrs
Venezuela 20:30 hrs
Brasil, Uruguay 00:00 hrs
España 03:00 hrs
UK: 02:00 hrs

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