martes, 28 de enero de 2014

Five Years - The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story Trailer

The Skype Collaboration Project has been serving you up a variety of insider knowledge, inspiring stories and exclusive access to the fashion industry since the beginning of December. Now it’s almost time to be showcasing the journey of successful entrepreneur and creative professional Victoria Beckham and her global luxury fashion brand.

"Most evenings I am curled up in front of Skype, speaking to my design team in London, but I wouldn't have it any other way" says Beckham, who chose London as her company headquarters when she was then based in Los Angeles.

In the clip, close collaborators of Beckham pay tribute to the star's work ethic. "She's a perfectionist in terms of detail" says accessories designer Katie Hillier. Her company's CEO, Zach Duane, says: "We have now created something that is really meaningful, and that people are paying attention to."

The story will start later this week and continue with regular installments through March 2014. Watch this space.
There will be opportunities to be a part of the ongoing Victoria Beckham story through Skype too, such as:
  •  The chance for creatives and fashion fans to engage directly with Victoria by asking questions relating to her business success and entrepreneurialism via the Skype Twitter account (@Skype #AskVB) for a live Q&A session on January 29th at 3pm GMT / 10am EST.
  •  For those interested in getting to the heart of the Victoria Beckham label, there will also be the chance to submit questions via Skype video messaging directly to Victoria and her team.  Find out all the details for submissions!
This exclusive access, brought to you by Skype, will give fashion enthusiasts and budding creatives the chance to engage directly with one of fashion’s biggest names.

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