miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Divergent's Theo James for InStyle Magazine

With their highly anticipated flick "Divergent" slated to hit theaters March 21st, Shailene Woodley and Theo James scored a feature in the March 2014 issue of InStyle magazine.

On feeling less like an outcast in Hollywood:
"Not when I'm being true to myself. Like wearing what I want, not what someone puts me in."
On working with Theo:
"Theo is fun, and his jokes are very crude, which I really respond to."
On dressing for the red carpet:
"My style is about earth tones, so I'll be in browns or greens, or black."
On acting in the action scenes:
"The fight choreography was scary. I have scars."
On feeling like an outsider in Hollywood:
"Maybe when I'm at a big party and no one knows who I am."
On playing jokes on Shailene on set:
"I pulled Shai's pants down during one of the action sequences."
On injuring someone during the action scenes:
"One time I had seven rapid moves and cut this guy's lip - he needed 25 stitches. I still feel guilty."
On his ensemble choices for the premiere night:
"Men have it so much easier [on the red carpet]. We don't get hassled as long as we're not wearing a clown suit."

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