domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Leaked Cell Nude Phone Pictures of Demi Lovato

Photos of Demi Lovato in various states of undress and making out with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama have hit the web - but we can't see these messing with her career!
Most of the pics are cute, couple-y shots of the 'Neon Lights' singer cosying up to her boyfriend, best known for his role on That 70s Show. Even the nude ones are somehow quite demure... bet Demi wishes she'd put the camera phone down, though!


 Demi sends a message to her fans that she is standing strong, and not letting this minor setback stunt her growth with how far she has come. Lovato took to Twitter, and posted a pic of herself in what looks like a boxing ring, in a fighter stance with the caption: “Soy fuerte. Soy luchadora. Asi que no me subestimen,” she wrote.

Tanslated, her message is: “I am strong. I am a fighter. Do not underestimate me.”

Uncensored, NSFW pics below:
Demi Lovato Leaked Pictures NSFW 1
Demi Lovato Leaked Pictures NSFW 2
Demi Lovato Leaked Pictures NSFW 3
Demi Lovato Leaked Pictures NSFW 4

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