miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Sebastian Stan In New York Moves Magazine

Sebastian Stan has had his share of beginnings. He’s lived in several countries. As a kid he grew up in Romania then moved to Vienna and finally New York when he was 12. While New Yorkers might have grown up playing Captain America with their friends, Captain America was never on Sebastian’s radar. “I didn’t even grow up with comic books,” he says. “I grew up in Communism. I think that’s the bigger coincidence–that I ended up playing somebody that has a red star on their shoulder.”

Captain America: Winter Soldier gave Sebastian the chance to brush up on his stuntman skills (which he’s previously gotten to show off in The Covenant). “We worked really hard for 3 months learning fight sequences and close combat and everything. It was kind of grueling, and it was really hard. It’s just repetition; you basically have to have a lot of patience for doing the same thing over and over again.” There’s a caveat, of course, when it comes to an actor doing his own stunts. “No film company is ever gonna want to insure me jumping up on a car that’s gonna drive 120 miles down a highway,” Sebastian laughs. “The thing is when you do get to do some stuff and you put the work in and you see it end up in the movie, it’s a good feeling–depending on the stunt.”

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