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The UK's top music millionaires

Chart star Calvin Harris has been ranked one of the wealthiest young stars in the music world with a fortune estimated at £30m (€37m).

He is second only to pop queen Adele — who has seen her fortune swell by around 50% in a year when she released no new material — who tops The Sunday Times Rich List’s countdown of the biggest financial successes in the music world aged 30 and under.

Rich List: Under 30s

Top ten (with previous ranking in brackets)
1 - Adele - £45m (£30m)
2 - Calvin Harris - £30m
3 - Cheryl Cole £16m (£14m)
4 - Niall Horan £14m (£5m)
4= (17=) Zayn Malik £14m (£5m)
4= (17=) Liam Payne £14m (£5m)
4= (17=) Harry Styles £14m (£5m)
4= (17=) Louis Tomlinson £14m (£5m)
9= (3=) Leona Lewis £13m (£12m)
9= (-) Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan £13m (-)

The full Rich List is published in this weekend's edition of The Sunday Times.

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