jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

Nick Jonas For Cosmopolitan November 2014

 With plenty of experience under his belt, Nick Jonas is wise beyond his years and in the November 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan he shares the biggest lesson he’s learned so far.

The “Jealous” singer explains, “I think the biggest lesson is to just chill out. Calm down. I think at the peak of my previous success, I probably stressed about more things than I should have, about things that really weren't that important.”

“And now, I take the good with the bad and … roll with it all. And I think it's always important to just stay hungry and to work harder than anybody else.”

Though he’s not making music with Joe and Kevin Jonas these days, they certainly dig his new material, especially “Chains.” “Their feedback has been really positive. They both really love the song and were supportive on Twitter and stuff, which felt great. I played them some more of the record now and they really love it. It feels good. I think we were a band for a long time, so there always is going to be a sensitivity there that I feel, but I'm thrilled to have brothers that support me and I support them in their solo ventures.”

Nick says his style icon is, “James Dean; he's the best,” and when asked to describe his own fashion flavor in one word he states, “Understated.”

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Fit studs dijo...

Great shoot. Nick is SO adorable. :) Short but such a hottie, a real hunk. I love this guy.

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