viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Covers Nylon Guys

Taylor-Johnson for Nylon Guys–Photographed by Kenneth Cappello with styling by Christine Baker, Kick Ass actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson covers the May issue of Nylon Guys. Opening up to the magazine about his career, Taylor-Johnson confesses, “It was a lot of crazy shit I got up to for a couple years. I was pretty self-destructive at one point. I used to smoke 30 cigs day, used to fucking drink nonstop. I’ve always been able to be on the fucking edge—be on the line, but then pull myself back. 

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! I have flawless skin!”
It’s late February at a popular West Hollywood restaurant and Aaron Taylor-Johnson is shamelessly eavesdropping. To his credit, it’s kind of impossible not to, what with the very pretty television star seated at the next table, aggressively confronting a friend about exfoliation.

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