martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Watch Dan Osborne Shirtless play ‘Innuendo Bingo’

TOWIE stud and former Attitude cover star Dan Osborne played ‘Innuendo Bingo’ on Scott Mills’ BBC Radio 1 show earlier today (April 1).
‘Innuendo Bingo’ is a popular feature on Mills’ weekday afternoon show. Two competitors sitting face-on are required to fill their mouths with water – before the DJ plays them an audio clip featuring a suggestive turn of phrase.
When the competitors hear the innuendo, they must try to spit out the water before the other. Invariably, of course, both parties end up getting wet.
Osborne took on the challenge in his trademark fashion – with his top off. Watch a shirtless Dan Osborne getting soaked below.

Source: Attitude Mag

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